Cartilage and Bone

Use this resource to add to your own work and assess your knowledge.

  1. Complete online: Terminology – Cartilage and Bone
  2. Print and complete: Terminology – Cartilage and Bone
  3. Test yourself using these supply of keywords and links. You should expand these examples, using keywords contained in the Cartilage and Bone crossword puzzle. You can also use Google Image Search or Bing, if preferred.
    1. Cartilage
    2. Hyaline cartilage
    3. Fibrocartilage
    4. Elastic cartilage
    5. Bone histology
    6. Bone cells
    7. Bone development
  4. For all work, use the framework:
    1. What is it?
    2. Where is it?
    3. What does it do?
  5. Use the links above. Look at the images. Describe what you see – on paper, NOT in your mind. Or speak it out. Everything you see, not just the first obvious identification. To extend the framework:
    1. What cells does it contain?
    2. What does each cell do?
  6. Review for slides to follow soon. Apparently power is out at my house, so I may not be able to finish the Cartilage and Bone slides this evening. This is a temporary space below, making the images available while I am working on the final product. I will have it up at the latest Sunday morning. The revision resource is now available. The gallery has been removed. I am having trouble with the display of some of the text, but it is relatively obvious what to do. For best results:
    1. Use pen and paper to make notes.
    2. On the first run, do not use notes or other resources. Make an attempt to complete the exercise as if you are doing a strict class test on your own.
    3. Expand on all terminology – do not stop at the first and obvious thought that comes to mind.
  7. Revise Cartilage and Bone Histology.
  8. Resources used to compile the exercise include:
    1. Histology Atlas by by Yves Clermont, Michael Lalli & Zsuzsanna Bencsath-Makkai.
    2. Material from HistoWeb.
    3. Material from OpenStax’s Anatomy and Physiology handbook.


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