Learning styles

Forget everything you have ever learned about learning styles! Or not?Read and decide:The Myth of Learning Styles by Ani AharonianThe Myth of Learning Styles by Cedar Riener and Daniel WillinghamAnd finish off with Cognitive Style as Environmentally Sensitive Individual Differences … Continue reading

Deadlines (not guidelines)

There may be omissions, there may be errors. I will attempt to update, but do the checks.3 June – OWT410 – Assignment 4 Gamification / Game based learning application Presentation Story board3 June – KRO410 – Oral examinations9 June – … Continue reading

On admirable leaders

Pick any leader you admire and write a 500 word assessment of the person’s leadership and management style.If it was only for the first part of the assignment, this could have been a short piece, but way short of the … Continue reading
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Freedom Writers

As an exercise, and in preparation for the oral exam, find the 2007 drama film Freedom Writers. Watch it for entertainment, as well as the educational value. Keep the fundamental concepts of facilitating learning in mind, and see how many … Continue reading