Creating an educational resource

This is an attempt to not only document what I have done, but also to maybe assist others in developing their own work flow in a new field. I am not a professional, but this could serve as a foundation.

The assignment is to construct a learning resource for a topic of your choice. I have had in the back of my head the thought to use eggs as an analogy for bone trauma to the skull. This is not an exact replication of the real thing, but volunteers for such work is hard to come by and ethical clearance even harder. Eggs, well, they don’t get a say. They just get eaten.

In the first step, I wrote down the idea. This was followed by a rough storyboard, illustrating the main points that immediately came to mind:

Story board

Story board

After drawing the story board, I proceeded to write out a script. This consists of numbered steps of what will happen at each step. The script included notes about what will happen unseen – thus the things I will do but won’t be in the final product:



I also made some notes on the side, ideas that came up, or issues that needed to be addressed in the final product. In this case it was the prescription that text should be written out completely. There will be no sound. And some alternatives to the text slides that would be used in the place of text:

Side note instructions

Side note instructions

I have also started to take some photographs and initial video, to test some of the ideas in my notes. These may or may not end up in the final product, but it will give me an idea of what the results could be, and any possible problems:

Egg before, the main character

Egg before, our main character and willing participant

Head trauma

Traumatic head injury, possibly fatal

And a video(may not play directly, working on that), illustrating a type of injury: Murder most Fowl

That is all for now. Will add as I proceed.

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