Planning for the Micro-teaching session 10 March 2015

This is the planning for my micro-teaching presentation that took place on 10 March 2015. Maybe it can be of use to someone. Any questions and commentary on this would also be appreciated. I will make the presentation and hand-out available as well.

Topic: The leadership role of the lecturer

Learning outcomes.
At the end of the session, each participant should:

  1. Be able to define a lecturer and how a lecturer relates to a teacher.
  2. Have an understanding of the characteristics of a leader.
  3. Have a basic understanding of leadership.
  4. Know why a lecturer, and by extension a teacher, is in a position of leadership.
  5. Have seen the application of an analogy.
  6. Be able to argue for the importance of a lecturer in society.

Real-life problem statement.

Teaching is a neglected area in our society. However, teachers at all levels play an essential role in society, and as such, should be placed in a leadership position. The aim of this micro-teaching session is to provide a short introduction to motivate this view.

Structure/course of the session.

The session will have the following structure:

  1. Introductory hook.
  2. Construction of an analogy to be used in the conclusion.
  3. First move towards the topic.
  4. Define a teacher.
  5. Introduction of the full topic.
  6. Summary for structure and direction.
  7. Define a leader.
  8. Define leadership.
  9. Construct a diagram of teaching and leadership.
  10. Micro-assesment: most common misunderstandings.
  11. Bonus 1: twain
  12. Bonus 2: backronymn

Student activities and tasks.

Students will do the following:

  1. Answer various questions under guidance of the teacher.
  2. Use a handout to construct a diagram.
  3. Do assessment by listing misunderstandings of the topic.
  4. Listen attentively.

Responsibilities as facilitator.

  1. Create uncertainties with the students.
  2. Listen attentively to student responses.
  3. Explain and guide students in the right direction.
  4. Resolve uncertainties.

Integration of learning media.

The following media will be used:

  1. Projected slides, containing text and images. Due to time and technology constraints, it was decided not to risk using video.
  2. White board and markers to capture student thoughts.
  3. Pen and paper and pre-printed text as a hand-out to students.
  4. Old camera, as a hook.

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