Did it work?

Last night was a extremely interesting discussion around fundamental human virtues. For me, it encapsulated a number of problems experienced in real live. Solutions were hinted at, but one question still remain to me.

Despite our best intentions, and whatever we think, the current reality is that the system does not work like that. The system still, to a very large degree, require quantitative and NOT qualitative assessment of outcomes. One solution would be for everyone, students, lecturers, administrators, to go through the same course. Or at the very least understand the philosophy behind fundamental human virtues. That is not going to happen.

In my opinion; and I could be wrong on this; the bridge would be a system of quantitative assessment of qualitative outcomes. This could serve to convince the skeptics, and accelerate changes urgently needed.

Should we start a slogan campaign: Fundamental Human Virtues In Our Life Times!



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